Decisions need to be made for good of all

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The 110th Congress begins shortly and I have had some observations of late. The story in Iraq has continued to be grim and with the changing of power from Neo-Con Republicans who blindly follow an agenda that has no end and fails to see the direction of the war as disastrous to sanity and balance where a Democratic power base will seek to make the government work again.

The media has changed its tune with the change of the guard in congress, things are bad they say and before the elections in November, they said almost the opposite.

A “surge” of troops is being talked about and the “draft machine” is being given its pre-startup oil change. And I am wondering how long until the back breaks on the people that serve us now and they say “no more.”

People have died and lost limbs because this president wanted a war, now that he has little to no backing in Congress, I expect that come January things will change drastically and change for the good.

I truly hope the people of this state understand that the power base they have felt for years is no longer there. The state’s power base has changed also and for the better, I would believe.

Corruption has no place in the running of a government by, for and of the people. The same people who have been in power in Washington representing this state are still there. This state cannot afford the same old rhetoric and must seek new leadership in those positions.

We have a new governor, and I hope that her continuing good decisions last us many years. The decisions made by everyone over the next few months will affect our grandchildren’s children, and what is going on today needs to be seen by everyone so that the correct decisions can be made for the good of all.

Dave Briscoe


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