Presenting the New Year and a few resolutions...

Posted: Tuesday, January 04, 2005


  Marion Nelson, Barbra Elson and Sen. Tom Wagoner present 2005.

Marion Nelson, Barbra Elson and Sen. Tom Wagoner present 2005.

The New Year of 2005 is off and running and a few community leaders offer here their New Year's resolutions as a sampling of hopes and ambitions for the next 12 months. Since the new millennium began, Soldotna City Manager Tom Boedeker has gone on record with wishes for world peace, It doesn't look like the world is doing too well on that one right now, but locally I think we've been doing our part in keeping this a peaceful community. Last year my focus was on simply surviving the coming year, but we did better than that and in the coming year we'll keep on plugging away at making the City a better place to live and hopefully the world will improve as well, said Boedeker. Marion Nelson, a long time community resident and supporter said she feels she made a little progress in eliminating some stress from her life last year but wants to continue toward that goal in the coming year. Lisa Roberts helped open the new Keybank in Soldotna and pledges to help make 2005 even better than 2004. A year ago Borough Mayor Dale Bagley and State Senator Tom Wagoner felt there needed to be some fat trimming, and not necessarily only where government budgets were concerned, I did a little trimming down last year, so I'm going to stick with it this year and target getting rid of about 25 pounds. I'll be able to be more physically active this year while in Juneau, so I plan on working out on the treadmill and playing more racket ball and basketball. I think if I can stay away from all the receptions in Juneau this year I'll be able to make it, laughed Wagoner. Kelly Griebel, a physical fitness expert and real estate agent, recommends moderation if your resolutions include weight loss in 2005, You can still eat the foods that you love, just modify it and eat smaller portions, and of course exercise, it's always a good idea to do a variety of activities like power pacing and other aerobics and weight training and don't do the same thing all the time or your body will get use to it, so do a variety of things in an environment that you like and can keep up your excitement and enthusiasm where you are working out, said Griebel. Barbra Elson, president of the Soldotna Rotary Club added that it's always hard to beat Rotary's International motto of Service above Self as a resolution, but that personally she'd go on record for committing to start a regimented workout schedule and sticking to it.

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