Reader: Speak up against Exxon

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sometimes in this day and age I wonder why people will not stand up and be heard, when I read that Exxon got another break from the courts for a deed that transpired in 1989 and the people most impacted are getting the shaft again.

This state needs to stand up to big business and say “pay up or get out, the price of doing business in the state of Alaska is paying those who you impacted with negligence, they deserve to be paid and now.”

Exxon has had two of the largest profit quarters in history and they are neither being brought up on price gouging or paying off those impacted by the oil spill of 1989. And they want the judgment lowered even more. And they are threatening to sue the state of Alaska for canceling a lease they have sat on for years.

If you get angry when you go to the pump to fill up or because you are one of the thousands with claims against one of the richest oil companies and see no end in sight of this ridiculous travesty of justice, you better speak up. Because if we keep letting big business, big government and big lawyers have their way, we will always come out on the wrong side of right.

Kathy Ramsey


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