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Posted: Friday, January 04, 2008

As we take to time to reflect on this past year I would like to offer a moment to reflect on those who made the ultimate sacrifice to save others. Our son called from Hawaii Christmas night to wish us a merry Christmas. As we talked, he told about the news story on the Internet about his infantry unit based out of Schweinfurt, Germany. This is home of the 1-26th 1st infantry division.

Some may remember our son, he attended school here, went to the Boys and Girls Club and generally glided through our local school district and community. Yes, we are very proud of him, but this letter is not about him. More it's to bring attention to the compassion I have heard continue to grow in the voices of his "brothers" in the military.

Listening to what Charlie Company did for the past 15 months in Iraq. These 110 soldiers with the 1-26th 1st infantry division went through things that no parent wants their child to experience. Therefore, as I write this letter, I ask that each of us offer a prayer for those serving our country around the world and those who have lost loved ones or who have been injured. I do this with my deepest compassion and prayers to the family of loved ones who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Like Spc Ross McGinnis, 19. He was much like any other young man, full of life and cared deeply for his brothers serving alongside him. This past summer Spc McGinnis did without thinking the most heroic thing this young man would ever do again. An insurgent threw a grenade; it entered the Bradley, and McGinnis and four other brothers where in, yelling out "Grenade." McGinnis threw himself on this live explosive to save the lives of his four blood brothers.

On Christmas night, our son and I talked of McGinnis. Now I find myself writing this letter to the editor in hopes that memory of McGinnis and others like him will not fade. Therefore, in the light of the time of year I suggest an idea: If you know an active duty soldier or veteran, with the deepest respect and compassion please give them or the loved one of a fallen soldier a hug, a handshake or tell them thank you and may God bless them. For it is their heroic actions that have granted us the freedoms we have enjoyed for over 200 years. Spc Ross McGinnis received the Silver Star and currently is being considered for the Medal of Honor.

May the self-sacrificing actions of our young men and women of the armed forces never be forgotten.

Kelly Wolf


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