Road crews earn reader's gratitude

Posted: Wednesday, January 05, 2005

First I'd like to say thank you to the road maintenance crew. I know you do all you can do as fast as you can get it done so we can drive on safe roads.

I wrote an editorial not to long ago talking about the need to plow the sidewalks of the city of Kenai. I have noticed lately they are getting plowed either more often or now that I'm paying attention to it. It's something they save until after the streets are clean. I was very concerned, due to passing a young girl 18 to 20 years, walking in the road because there was no other place for her to walk. It was getting dark and if a driver wasn't paying attention — changing the radio or lighting a cigarette, she could have easily been hit. It's not safe.

People, if you're going to be out walking, make sure you can be seen, wear reflective clothing or bright colors. It's better to be safe than sorry.

I was reading the paper (Monday) and was happy to see a hero of the week in there from a lady who appreciated the help of two Kenai Police officers. It's nice to see someone pat someone else on the back sometimes. The news is constantly filled with who did what wrong, why and whether or not they were sued or jailed. Who got murdered, who got in a car wreck and so on.

You all know what you see when you turn on the evening news. It's not full of stories like police officers helping someone out of the ditch, and how wonderful a child performed in their first concert. Our newspaper here in Kenai has both, and they do an awesome job of getting the news out.

Yes, I would like to know who was murdered and what happened to the person who did it, but I would also like to see (like many of the readers do) the good news. The Clarion's front page says "Season good to area stores" — now that is good news! All of us work somewhere and we want it to make money for us and-or the boss.

I love the front page picture of a moose that just licked a basketball hoop. It's cute and makes a person smile, better than a picture of someone being held hostage at gunpoint don't you think?

So here is my long-winded pat on the back to the Alaska road maintenance crew and uniformed officers who actually care about the people they protect and serve, and last but not least, the Peninsula Clarion for having such a good mixture of news. God Bless all of you.

Nellie Alwin, Kenai

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