It's time for Alaska to consider establishing the death penalty

Posted: Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I want to commend the Clarion on its excellent coverage of John Watson's memorial. My heartfelt sympathies go to his family and to the Kenai police force. We have lost a fine man.

How many more people have to die violently at the hands of killers before the legislators in Juneau realize that the state of Alaska needs the death penalty? I wish this were Texas right now. If this was Texas, Billie Smith, Forster and many more like them would be sitting on death row instead of languishing in prison being fed, housed and clothed by taxpayers.

Alaska has suffered from some of the most diabolical killers of innocent people over the years. It is time to stop coddling them. I resent the fact that my tax money is taking care of these animals so that they can have another Christmas, New Year's, etc., while their victims will never have another holiday and their families are saddened forever.

Let us think back and remember some of these crimes. Remember the 19 women that an Anch-orage baker hunted down like animals and slaughtered them. Remember Tom Fazio and his

wife and sister-in- law who were slaughtered by thrill seeking teens.

We need to take this one step further and make the death penalty mandatory for anyone who kills a law enforcement officer on or off duty. I urge everyone who agrees with me to write his or her legislators demanding that the death penalty be considered.

Until the ultimate price is held over the heads of those who kill they will continue to do harm to innocent people.

Roxie Little


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