Development decisions will lead to demise of Kenai River fish runs

Posted: Wednesday, January 07, 2004

With "friends" like the Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission, assembly and mayor, it is a good thing the Kenai River does not have any enemies. The river can't handle much more help from its "friends."

The Kenai River is already in trouble because of development along the river and its watershed. Now the door has been opened wide for more development.

"Seasonal" use will soon become year-round use. The first place developers will reduce expenses will be the maintenance of the sewage systems.

Who will be responsible for monitoring the operations of the private sewage systems? Does the borough even have the powers to regulate private sewage systems? If yes, how many more employees will be hired to do the actual monitoring? If not, who will ensure the safe operation? The overextended and unfunded state Department of Environmental Conservation? Put on your dunce caps, ladies and gentlemen you've earned them!

Say hello to the next Muskingham River look-alike. Lots of development and no fish! Say goodbye to kings, reds, silvers and pinks! Say goodbye to tourist businesses dependent upon the river. Say goodbye to commercial fishing in Cook Inlet.

Eventually say hello to whopping tax increases to try and fix the problems. Of course, the current culprits will have moved onto other things. Short-term greed almost always ends up as long-term expensive grief.

William Phillips, Kenai

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