Resolutions: Learn the issues, speak up

Posted: Thursday, January 07, 2010

Two of my new year resolutions are to do a better job of educating myself politically and to do a better job of speaking or writing my observations and my interpretations of our political situations.

Thank you at the Clarion for the job you do in bringing us the local, national and world news. I read you almost every day you publish a paper and appreciate the efforts of the news media to keep us informed. Some of your efforts stimulate me to write or speak hopefully in ways that may be helpful or informative to other Alaskans. Today's edition (Jan. 4) is no exception.

To the people at the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner who wrote the editorial entitled "Alaskans should be angry at Nebraska's special treatment" (Clarion, Jan. 4), I simply say, no thanks, I have spent too many years of my 77.5 years being angry.

I want to be credible, effective and happy in what I set out to accomplish. I am at a point in life where I choose not to give control of my emotional well being to any one who is promoting anger for me as a state of being. Neither am I trying to control some one else's emotional well being.

I see what Ben Nelson accomplished and the way he accomplished "The Cornhusker Kickback" as politics as usual and reminiscent of the many benefits obtained for us in Alaska by former Senator Ted Stevens, Senator Lisa Murkowski and Representative Don Young. I agree with the Fairbanks Daily News conclusion that "Something certainly smells unhealthy about it, that's certain." I extend their conclusion to say that something smells unhealthy about all of this. We elect Senators and Representatives to work together in our interests. What we get is two groups of people who are unable to work together in America's interest because some of them have been bought by corporate interests.

The upside is that the news media is providing an education in politics and Americans are learning about politicians and recently voted for changes in the way our business is done in Juneau and Washington. Changes involve choices, effort, time and success to make them happen. Mistakes will also happen.

There remains much to be done to improve our political process and the way we work together for the good of all Americans. I intend to be a part of that process.

Hugh R. Hays


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