Small theft leads to big loss for others

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, January 08, 2007

I own a small tobacco shop at Robinson’s Mini Mall. Someone gained access to my shop and took a few items and money. Although I’m not happy with that, I’m most angry at the thief and cohorts for their stealing the money that my customers had put into my little soup cup to help Ericka Reynolds and her family in their great time of need. (Ericka is a sixth-grader at Kenai Middle School who has leukemia.)

After the loss, I put a Post-it Note asking the thief to “’fess up.” I had one man ask me about it and I told him, and another dollar went in it. I “salt” it each time from my pocket, and a lady saw that and added $20 on her own.

I do not know Ericka and may never meet her family, so is life on the Kenai.

I do ask if you are so low to steal a few dollars from a much-needing person, do you expect to have my blood waiting in the blood bank or another to rescue you when you roll a car or four-wheeler on the brink of death? Do you want them to take your money and do whatever?

Don’t feel sorry my small loss, feel sorry for the real losers — and that leaves a lot to answer.

Hugh Perry


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