Voting booth only way to undo health care 'reform'

Posted: Friday, January 08, 2010

In the Preamble of the Constitution it states, "promote the general welfare." It does not say "provide the general welfare." The same liberals that brought you "political correctness" are now trying to level the playing field of our economic system by taxing the alleged wealthy (read small business owners and middle class American tax payers) to provide for the few. They seem to have forgotten that it is the small business owners that already provide the jobs and therefore the money for the few. If they get taxed out of existence it won't be the few that (they) have to provide for, it will be the many. The absolute truth of the matter is that politicians need and use taxes to stay in power and for no other reason. They could care less about "the people".

That is currently being corroborated by the recent sellout (read bribes) by various members of congress in exchange for their vote on healthcare reform. Ben Nelson, Nebraska; Mary Landrieu, Louisiana; Bernie Sanders, Vermont; Joe Lieberman, Connecticut; and Chris Dodd, Connecticut all sold their vote on health care for projects for their respective states. Harry Reid said and I quote, "If they don't have something in it important to them, then (it) doesn't speak well of them."

Nancy Pelosi gloats about how (they) got everybody on board to pass the health care bill. If anyone believes that the Magnanimous Seven (read the bad and the ugly -- for there is no good) are not getting something for themselves you are seriously nave. This is no different than the convicted Legislators from Alaska who sold their votes and most of them went to jail.

Just recently, 13 State AG's have notified the House and Senate that legal action is contemplated against the sweetheart deal for Nebraska, which is no different than the deal made for Louisiana's vote, or the other offenders for that matter. It is my greatest hope that more states join this litigation and it seems to me that a criminal investigation may be warranted as well.

Now, both Reid and Pelosi are scheming to bypass traditional procedures during the final negotiations for the compromise House/Senate version of the healthcare bill. They are only going to allow House, Senate and Whitehouse Democrats to be involved. This will literally bar the Republicans from any of the negotiations. More importantly, all the actual negotiations will be held behind closed doors, which will exclude any public oversight.

The arrogant Democratic leaders promised you change. Well, we are getting that change now in the form of zero democratic process that represents the people of our nation. Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the gang know what they are doing is ethically, morally and more likely than not criminally wrong. That is why they are hiding their actions from the public.

They also know that they must get this terrible injustice they call healthcare reform pushed through before the upcoming elections because they stand a good chance of losing their strangle hold on the American people. I can tell you that I for one will pay any price and work any amount to see to it that these people are thrown out of office.

This flawed legislation is already beginning to take its toll on small businesses and middleclass taxpayers. To quote the media pundits, "sources say," that one insurance company has already raised its rates for employee healthcare by changing the amount of coverage provided to the employee of a small company. In this case the employee gets 90 percent coverage for himself and 80 percent coverage for his wife. That was costing him $90/bimonthly.

As of Jan. 1 that same employee gets 90 percent coverage for himself but his wife (who by the way has cancer) is now only covered to 50 percent and the cost is now $270/bimonthly. Oh yeah, neither the employee nor his wife have recently had a birthday and crossed a coverage threshold. This was arbitrary on the part of the insurance company and in my opinion in preparation for the upcoming "reform."

It appears that the only way to stop this travesty is to get this law repealed. To do that the American people will have to get involved and elect representatives that actually represent the people's will. It probably means that the selection process may have to be changed, but Americans seem to have the ability to make necessary changes when they have to or when they get angry.

One thing I know for sure angry people vote.

John C. Parker


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