Yamada heats up lanes at Polar Bowl

Posted: Friday, January 08, 2010

2009 Frank Lee Memorial Scholarship Tournament all-events champion Tyler Yamada captured his second title in as many months this past weekend at the Alaska Youth Scholarship Tournament.

The tournament was held at Polar Bowl on Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage.

During the four-game qualifying round, Tyler rolled games of 176, 150, 188 and 233 for a 747 series and a 186 average. After four games, Tyler was seeded fourth out of a field of 34 bowlers.

In the semifinals, Tyler revved things up a notch. Continuing off of his great qualifying performance, Tyler rolled games of 175, 181 and 232. For his final game before the cut to the final five, Tyler put together a five-bagger en route to a 259 game.

Tyler rolled an 847 scratch series for the semifinal round and averaged just over 211 for the set. His exceptional performance placed him as the No. 1 seed for the stepladder finals.

In the finals, Tyler defended his position, crushing his opponent by 82 pins with a scratch score of 224. With handicap, Tyler scored a 268 to his opponents' 195.

Along with his title, Tyler gained a great deal of experience, he won $100 in scholarship money, and secured a spot in the Tournament of Champions with Eagle River Bowl champion Mikayla Miller.

The Tournament of Champions will be held May 1 and 2 at a location to be determined later. The winner of this tournament will receive $1,000 in scholarship money.

Congratulations Tyler on your recent victory, great bowling, and best of luck at the Tournament of Champions.

Also in attendance from Alaskalanes was bowler Tori Askin. For the eight-game bowling marathon, Tori scored over her average each and every game, including several games that were well above average.

With an entering average of 137, Tori averaged 155 for the tournament, placing 10th out of the field of 34 bowlers and missing the top-five stepladder finals by only a small handful of marks.

Out of the six Alaska Youth Scholarship Tournaments held so far this season, two of the winners have come from the relatively small bowling community of Alaskalanes.

In recent tournaments, there have been several bowlers that have come very close to the stepladder finals. With this in mind, I am quite certain that it is only a matter of time before the youth bowlers of Alaskalanes acquire a third spot in the Tournament of Champions.

For more information about the Alaska Youth Scholarship Tournament, contact Susan Axtell at 694-5409 or Ruben Saldana at 929-2942. The next tournament is Feb. 7 at Eagle River Bowl.

After week one of the 2010 bowling year at Alaskalanes, I haven't experienced, seen or heard of anyone converting the infamous 7-10 split, or the pin-count-killer 4-6-7-10 split, better known to many as the "Big-4."


Hard-Inflexible-Rigid-Splits 1

Quick-to-Recover, Resilient Bowlers 0

On the bright side, with the start of the Women's 49th Annual City Tournament this weekend, I have a feeling that at least one of the many talented and persistent women bowlers in the community may tie the score and collect a possible reward.

For bowling enthusiasts and those who may be considering competing in this event, this is a terrific opportunity to compete with several of the best and dedicated women bowlers in the area and possibly observe history of monumental proportions in the making.

Bowlers like Betty Osborn and Becky Karsten, who are both 1990 Kenai-Soldotna Hall of Fame inductees. Becky also is a two-time, high-average titleholder back in the late 1980s, and high-game award recipient with a 278.

Karen Munger and Soni Burzinski are also Hall of Fame inductees, and both bring a great deal of competitiveness to an already strong field of bowlers.

Soni Burzinski has two 300 games to her record, along with a cargo-ship full of season-high game, series and average awards. For a six-year consecutive time frame, Soni dominated the high-average market.

Good luck to all the women bowlers in your upcoming tournament!

Little bit ...

High school bowling is now played in 46 states (19 of which recognize it as a varsity sport) with more than 50,000 kids participating.

Bowler's Corner is submitted by Randy Stiedl. For any questions, comments or suggestions e-mail akrms1@yahoo.com.

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