Locked-up lands is the issue in ANWR

Posted: Monday, January 09, 2006

The recent letter commenting on the method of forcing ANWR through shows just how brainwashed many voters are by our no-open media. The seizing of lands within Alaska and their being locked up from development is straight up unconstitutional. Their being held hostage by a hostile environmental coalition is a disgrace to the basic principles set up to govern this great nation. The clear statement within our constitution concerning just what lands or any lands that may be controlled by the national government within individual states has been ignored and usurped. Stating it’s sleazy to use any method available to access these resources is as phony as the way they were locked up.

The abuse of the Antiquities Act to lock up roughly half of the Late Great State of Alaska is the real shame in this issue. What legal right does someone outside the state to control our economy by rationing what lands we can use. Then (characterizing) those actions as environmental just places a social value on their protection. It is really sleazy to place a “Perceived Social Value” on control of wilderness, then using that empowerment to lead public opinion astray. Now these people really think they own millions of acres of wilderness.

Dennis Barnard


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