Enviromental lefts and rights

Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2008

As pathways to the future go, sometimes we have to turn left or right to reach our goals. I believe Alaska has been led down the pathway going left on environmental issues. You know that old path that leads straight to the environmental or green votes. Our current policies concerning development seem to be predicated by where the most votes lay.

Forget laying a good foundational pathway to sound economic and environmentally safe development, where are the votes. Was the closure of ANWR to drilling by veto a real environmental issue or was there a chance somebody was willing to scuttle Alaska's economic future for a few votes? Or does it make it right if it was a few million votes? I'd have to call that an environmental and political left turn.

Trouble with too many left turns is pretty soon you are turning back on yourself, going in circles soon becomes a downward spiral; you know like our economy.

Alaska should be such a dynamic building block that our resources strengthen and bolster our entire nation's economy. The far-reaching effects of these left-handed policies need to come home to those that started the trend. Shackling Alaska through locking up our resources and people is wrong no matter how many votes it may give. But I guess there are so many votes to be had over on the enviro-left that who cares if a few Alaskans get left in the economic fall out.

That sort of thinking is now hurting our national economy by depriving our manufacturing centers affordable and dependable energy sources. It's time to look for leaders that are looking for more than just our vote.

Dennis Barnard


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