Time for bickering done, it’s time for toleration

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Thursday, January 11, 2007

For two weeks running now, Les Palmer has made it painfully plain (An Outdoor View, Clarion, Dec. 29, Jan. 6) that he disagrees with the Federal Subsistence Board’s decision to allow subsistence fisheries on the Kenai and Kasilof. Les is entitled to his view as are we all.

In the meantime, what does Palmer hope to accomplish by trying to vilify a “few ‘rural’ residents of Ninilchik and their lawyer,” insinuating, however obliquely, that they might be “purposely trying to start a fight”? What good can possibly come from such talk?

In the first place, it’s the FSB that makes the decision, and the folks at Ninilchik are legally petitioning for their priorities as did Palmer when a catch-and-release fishery threatened his historical and traditional use of first-run Kenai kings some few years back.

Second, complaining about what is in fact federal law, pointing fingers and casting blame accomplishes nothing except more community discord and dissension.

Palmer would be better advised to state his case and inform those who agree with him how to constructively begin to try to change things. Anything less is counterproductive and destructive of community.

Hasn’t the community had enough bickering? Competing interests are inevitable, but how we handle and resolve our competing interests is up to us. We can fight and bicker or we can try to understand and tolerate each other as neighbors.

John Nelson


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