Reader wants Bush impeached

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Thursday, January 11, 2007

The only way President Bush will start pulling out troops from Iraq is to threaten him with his life. Since he will never put his own life at stake, only thousands of American and Iraq troops, this will never happen under his rule.

Impeach him now, every day he’s in office is more dead Americans and Iraqis.

Also his civil rights abuse is so blatant that I’m still astonished it has gone unpunished. We can now torture prisoners. What’s to stop other countries from torturing our soldiers, our journalists and any other prisoners. If we can torture theirs, they can torture ours.

Monitoring citizens without warrants is blatantly breaking the law. At least it would be if George W. Bush didn’t change every law he didn’t like to benefit him.

Impeach Bush. Save lives.

Shawn Turnbull


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