Patient deserved better treatment

Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2006

Recently, as my husband and I were eating at Carrs, we noticed two ladies having lunch at an adjacent table. Since the tables aren’t that far apart, you can’t help but hear someone else’s conversation.

However, the lady was speaking loud enough to the elderly lady that it was easy enough to hear. After a gentleman stopped by speak with them, I found out the lady was a caregiver. The way this caregiver spoke to her client was demeaning and completely insensitive, she spoke to her as if she were a little child learning to tie her shoes.

I was upset that this caregiver spoke to her client in this matter, she’s not a child and should be treated with respect; she’s definitely earned it.

As they got up to leave, the older lady stopped at a table where a customer was having her lunch. She made a comment to the lady sitting about the bananas she had in her bag. The customer reached in and gave her one, without any problem. The caregiver told her she didn’t need the fruit, but the customer said it was OK.

As they turned to walk away, the caregiver spoke to the customer about her being 80 years old, and she tapped the side of her head, implying the she wasn’t all there.

I have worked in the medical field for many years and cared for residents and patients and never spoke to them in the manner in which this caregiver spoke to her.

Patients-residents may suffer from disease or medical conditions and may not understand a situation fully, but that does not give the caretaker the right to treat the client as if she was a child or not as important as another individual.

June Peck


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