Reader unhappy with ‘moral decay’

Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2006

How in the last 50 or so years have we in America become so totally decadent of absolute moral decay and debauchery?

How have we allowed the sanctity of marriage and precious family values to be eroded by homosexuality, same-sex marriage, indecent dress, pornography, ultra-liberalism, new-aged values that have replaced God, abortions, euthanasia (after all, if they are a drain on society, do away with them).

Then there is the rampant drug and alcohol addictions that lead to unlimited amoral and criminal activities, and the shame, sorrow and grief that follows the abused, as well as the abuser to the grave. Worship, praise and thanksgiving to God has been replaced by various sports activities on Sundays, all in the name of relativism — if it feels good, you can do it and it’s OK!

Well, it’s not OK!

When did right become wrong and wrong become right?

Does anyone fear God, the creator of all things?

Does anyone ever think they will stand before the Lord our God, in judgment to give an accounting of every thought, word and deed we have ever done? Why do we glory in our shame? It is rather amazing to say the least, how we have lost our sense of sin. We have whitewashed sin with relativism: “Well it’s really not that bad, everyone does it. Let’s not offend anyone!”

By golly, and now we can get society to give us benefits for our ungodly lifestyle.

I rather think, if God does not soon give us a “correction” for our wayward free will choices, he may have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah for the punishment he dealt them.

Nita Young


Editor’s note: Due to editing errors, the following letter is being reprinted from Wednesday’s Clarion. The Clarion regrets the errors.

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