Reader: Let’s not just let it go

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, January 12, 2007

I’d like to respond to the Clarion’s criticism of the Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers legal action in its Sunday editorial, “ACT, let it go.”

ACT is taking action on behalf of many borough citizens because our Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly and administration have ignored and manipulated the law in order to raise the level of taxation extracted from the people on the Kenai Peninsula.

The Clarion has repeated the borough’s gem of misinformation in its tirade against ACT’s legal action: that the Prop 2 defeat at the polls means the sales tax increase stood. The borough does not have the authority to raise sales tax without the 60 percent majority mandated by the initiative election from the year before. This is no small, irrelevant detail.

For ACT to let it go, as the Clarion suggests, would be paramount to disregarding hundreds of hours of volunteer work, to ignoring a clear statement made by the people at the ballot box, all to bend to the demands of a borough administration that refuses to obey state law, borough code or the will of the voters.

The Clarion justifies their let it go position by stating: If the court finds that (violations of law) to be the case, then it’s because the laws are an impediment to the borough serving the needs of its residents. Elections take time and money, and seeking a 60 percent supermajority approval of voters to conduct business is overly restrictive, undemocratic and simply wrong.

I strongly disagree with the Clarion’s ends justifies the means ethics.

I encourage everyone to read the lawsuit, linked at: The problems within our borough will not be addressed if we adhere to the Clarion s “let it go” philosophy. I appreciate the good work of everyone who refuses to “let it go.”

James Price


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