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Posted: Friday, January 12, 2007

In the Sunday, Jan. 7, edition of the Clarion, the editorial was “ACT, let it go.” It seems to me that whoever wrote this editorial, which I will name Strawman, would at the least have the decency to sign a name to the opinion it made against Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers, and also, to be a bit more clear to the public how they came to the extreme negative conclusions against ACT.

ACT is the only citizen’s entity I’ve ever seen, organized to work for the bewildered taxpaying citizens. Property owners have been struggling more and more each year to meet the ever growing tax requirements placed on them. How dare you try to fool the public in this manner, making your gravy train look innocent.

Why would the 60 percent of the voters care about the 40 percent of land owners who are being choked to death by taxation? The 60 percent think it won’t matter, until they find their own living rents have skyrocketed because the landlord’s taxes flew off the charts. Renting a nice place ain’t what it used to be, folks, and more and more corporate lawyers are grabbing every piece of land that isn’t tacked down. Expect your rent to raise in the near future if ACT can’t keep a lid on the mind-boggling taxation problem.

So the people of ACT, or Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers, got a taste of their own medicine, huh? Plainly this opinion editorial, written by some nonentity, is not in favor of the people of the Kenai Peninsula or even for the people of Alaska. The assembly members are not perfect, by the way. They can’t/don’t read but a small portion of what’s before them, so just how easy it is to get assembly approval when it comes to spending taxpayer’s money? We pay their wages, too. We taxpayers are being buried alive by all the pet projects our so-called representatives have voted an approval for.

You said, “Do you like the idea of an expanded Central Peninsula Hospital with a family friendly atmosphere and state-of-the-art equipment?” Who doesn’t like that idea? It’s nice to vision this grand hospital scheme for our community, but if our representatives wish to provide these luxuries to their constituents, they should find a better way to glean money than indebting the taxpayers further. We hired them to work in the best interest of all citizens, not just a handful.

Be thankful some concerned citizens notice what the city governments and borough assembly are doing with our money. How many working citizens actually have the time to read about propositions the city or borough has made? With all the various nonprofit agencies who already exist on taxpayers’ money, who knows what demon is being concocted behind closed doors to take another bite of our hard-earned paychecks? Is it ACT? Wake up people.

Maka Fairman


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