Dr. Todd Wortham, DDS now offers Botox treatment at River City Dental

Posted: Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As a 1995 graduate from Kenai Central High School, Todd Wortham did exactly what scholarship committees always hope will happen. After attending college, he returned to Alaska to establish his business in our community. Wortham not only built a successful dental practice in Kenai, he has expanded his portfolio and is now offering a new service at River City Dental Clinic.

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Dr. Todd Wortham and staff Sandy Marrs, Sheri Koziczkowski, Linda Swanson, Nicole Beery, Jessica Bookey, Kylee & Devin Zeyer invite you to visit River City Dental for a free botox consultation.

After high school, Wortham worked for his dad at Alyeska Tires for about six years before deciding he wanted to pursue a career in health care. "I went to Boise State University for my undergrad and my major was pre-med, but my dad led me in the direction of dentistry and I listened and went on to Iowa State for my degree in dentistry. Dad was right, it's a great way of life and I love practicing dentistry." In reference to his choice to pursue higher education out of the state, Wortham explained, "It wasn't about getting out of Alaska, it was to pursue a health care career. My family is here and my wife's family is here and that's what brought us back to the Kenai area," Wortham told the Dispatch in an interview.

This summer Dr. Wortham became certified in, and is now offering - Botox treatment at River City Dental. "It was really a natural inclusion. In dentistry we are trained especially in the head and neck area. We deal with the muscles and facial nerves of that area on a daily basis, and are very well versed in the anatomy of the head and neck area and of course much of dentistry deals with the cosmetics of the smile. Our patients are always concerned about their smiles and not only the appearance of their teeth when they smile, but the wrinkles around the smile area. I do a lot of dentures and many of my female patients want dentures that are full to take care of their wrinkles. So I thought the use of Botox treatment would be an effective procedure, and became interested in studying the general aspects of the treatments. I completed some certification courses and it has proven to very effective and enjoyable for me to be able to please the needs of my patients," explained Dr. Wortham.

Wortham said that the use of Botox is not only for cosmetic reasons. "There are some functional reasons for the use of Botox in dentistry these days outside of the cosmetic reason, and some migraine headaches are being treated with Botox for muscle relaxation. Botox and juvederm has proven to be really a safe product, however the use of it should not be taken lightly and even though it can help with wrinkling in facial areas it will not rejuvenate you to look like a teenager again," he said. Anyone wanting to find out more about botox and juvederm treatments can call River City Dental at 335-0363 for an appointment for a free consultation. "The appointment is basically to discuss the issues of why you would want the treatment and whether you are a good candidate for it and go over health history and is basically an informative meeting which we do at no charge," added Dr. Wortham. River City Dental is located in the Trading Bay complex across from the courthouse in Kenai.

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