Sammy Cole Roderick puts in her last day at Southcentral Title Agency

Posted: Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For nearly 22 years, Sammy Cole Roderick has been a key employee at Southcentral Title Agency and last week amongst laughter and tears, hugs and cheers for best wishes - Sammy entered the joyful ranks of the retired. Over the last two decades, Sammy has been seen at nearly every community event, parade, and benefit. She has served multiple terms as president of the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce, as the chairman of the organization's scholarship committee, a parade judge, a volunteer for the Kenai River Classic, and in so many capacities that one well wisher stated: "I worked with Sammy for years at events of all kinds and never really did know what she did for a living. Then I bought a piece of property in town and when I went in for the closing was surprised to find out she was Joe Rogers's boss at Southcentral."

"I suppose that's true," admitted Joe Rogers at the retirement party hosted by Southcentral Title. "But for those of us here at Southcentral Title, we would ask "what doesn't Sammy do!" When I came here 16 years ago, I was just 29 years old and taking over the company. I was definitely the young upstart and the look on Sammy's face when she saw this kid still wet behind the ears was a memory I'll cherish forever. I mean who wants to take orders from somebody younger than you? So I let her be the boss and learned from her.

Before computers, Sammy was the closer and she would have stacks and stacks of files on her desk and had to use white out on settlement statements, make triple carbon copies, but she did it all and the day we got computers it was a scary, fun-filled day for all," recalled Rogers.

"Sammy was the very first mortgage and first title person that I met when I moved here, and the very first commission I ever earned, Sammy wrote. She'll be missed but always appreciated," commented a co-worker. When asked what would be the first thing she was going to do when she woke up and didn't have to got to work, Sammy replied, "Exercise!" "She'll probably call in sick because she never did when she worked here," laugh Rogers. "I'll be staying here and continue to give back to our community, but won't be volunteering on a committed daily basis so much, but there are special projects that I'll keep up with," said Sammy.

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