Neighbors column wasn’t broke, why ‘fix’ it?

Posted: Friday, January 13, 2006

This letter is in reference to the so-called “New Neighbors Column” — is this what we, the readers of the Clarion, waited for so long to see? This “supposedly” new format? You promised us, the readers, a great new overview of our community. Does the Clarion believe that writing a “profile” on one member of each of our respective communities should be categorized as a “neighbors column?”

I guess I’m a firm believer that if something isn’t “broken” — why fix it? Many people out there enjoyed the writings in the former column because it told of family get-togethers, local events, birthdays being honored, happenings of residents in our communities — not focusing on one person. If we want to find out something like that, we can knock on our neighbor’s door and ask all kinds of questions.

To say that I’m disappointed in this new column is an understatement indeed. As a matter of fact, having been a resident of the Soldotna community now for 30 years, I know a great many people, and not one of these people I’ve spoken to are happy with this new column. They all think it’s a total waste of newspaper space.

So, via this letter, I not only speak for myself, but also for the many friends, acquaintances, and former business associates that did so look forward to reading the Neighbors Column, and like me, they were excited about a “new format” — but now, and I may be repeating myself, I haven’t spoken to one person who said they liked or enjoyed this “new format” — how about going back in time and writing the kind of news that community members looked forward to seeing in the column?

How about letting us know who had done what in our towns, what events were planned for our areas, special acknowledgments, that type of thing. I maintain that the column “wasn’t broke” — why fix it? Particularly in this manner? It would be interesting to see how many others out there have the same opinion.

Sharon Baldwin


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