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KPEDD & The Alliance host Industry Outlook Forum
"Looking Forward to the Next Decade," is the theme of this week's Industry Outlook Forum sponsored by the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District (KPEDD) and the Kenai Chapter of The Alliance. "We have forty five speakers signed up for the two day conference that includes the President of the State Senate Gary Stevens, Speaker of the House Mike Chenault, folks from the Governor's office, and representatives from every major industry on the Peninsula, plus major economists that will set the stage for what the future of Kenai Peninsula has in store, so it should be a pretty exciting forum. We've asked the presenters from government and industry leaders to tell us what they have planned for the next decade So we can compile this information into a planning document that will give us direction on how we can meet the needs," said KPEDD Executive Director John Torgerson. "We partnered with the Kenai Chapter of the Alliance who felt as we did that this event needed to available to the public free of charge, so the Kenai Chapter president Bob Favretto went to work raising funds from their membership to make that possible. We had limited space and only 168 seats available at the Challenger Learning Center, and they filled up fast but thanks to all the sponsors we were able to arrange it at no cost to the public," added Torgerson.

Deals you can trust at Midway Auto Sales & Rentals
Kristina Goolsby grew up in Slovakia, formerly part of the U.S.S.R. A country located next to Ukraine and between Poland and Hungry, "Our culture is similar, but our language is different," says Kristina who came to the U.S. six years ago and in July, 2007 moved to the Peninsula with her husband Arthur to open Midway Auto Sales and Rentals on the Kenai Spur Highway next to Kenai Auto. "My husband's uncle has been in the auto business for over 20 years and my husband felt there was a good opportunity here to specialize in the price range of automobiles that our competition doesn't carry, so we opened Midway Auto to provide affordable, previously owned cars, at the lowest possible prices," Kristina told the Dispatch. The Goolsby's now have two children Tierra and Phoenix who were almost born right along with their new business, "Especially Tierra, I almost gave birth to her in the car," laughed Kristina.

During my many outdoor adventures throughout the United States I have always been amazed how each group of people adapted to the many different parts of the country that they live in. The food on their tables often times was simply the food that was available at the time. For example, I once skinned out a rattlesnake in Texas because someone wanted to eat it. I also know that among the Mexican people there they have a craving for armadillo.

Congressman Young opens new Kenai Office
Congressman Don Young reopened his district office in Kenai last week and greeted many constituents at a reception at the office's new location in the Benco Building in Kenai. Staffing the office is Bonnie Golden, a 25 year resident of the Peninsula. Bonnie will serve as a liaison between Kenai residents and federal agencies. "She'll do a great job for the folks here on the Peninsula, she has real world experience and will make a good liaison to me in D.C.," said Young. In looking to the new decade Young says that Alaska needs to recapture the initiative in developing its resources and building new value added industry, "Alaska should be the power center of the world. If you think about the tidal power we have here, the wind power, the hydro- power, the geothermal power, and the hydrocarbon resources we have here in the form of gas, oil, and coal, it's the largest energy resource in the United States of America and we need to take the initiative in developing these resources because the economy of any strong nation is based upon their ability to develop their resources, or to manufacture products for export like China, where they import raw resources and export finished products, but we're doing neither. You can't recover from an economic recession or have a good, strong economy by borrowing dollars, you have to produce natural resources and products from those resources to reclaim that economy and a sound future," Young said.

Chevron's $10K means 20 for Food Bank Building to Nourish campaign
Regardless of the challenges that Chevron's operations in the Cook Inlet faced in 2009, the company and its employees are starting the New Year by investing in the community where they live and work. At the first Kenai Chamber of Commerce meeting for 2010 Chris Myers, Chevron's Cook Inlet operations manager presented Linda Swarner, Kenai Peninsula Food Bank executive director, and Sal Mattero, Food Bank board of directors, with a check for $10,000 dollars. "We certainly had our challenges in 2009, the volcano had us shut in for three and a half months, and no production means no revenue, but the Chevron way was to wipe the sweat off our brows and go back to work which we did this fall and got production back on line. Things are coming around and we're optimistic and hoping that this will be a good year," Myers told the Kenai Chamber. "Chevron recognizes that these are tough economic times and these are not the times that you hold back because these are the times the needs are the greatest and I'm proud to be part of a company that is willing to do that," added Myers.

Pepper Steak with Crispy Cellophane Noodles
1 pound flank steak, cut into 2-inch thin slices*

Fried cellophane noodles
1 (8-ounce) bag cellophane noodles

Crock-pot beef chili
1 pound lean ground beef

Tastes great today, better tomorrow: Stew, mmm, so fine, the second time
I woke up the day before yesterday, hungry for beef stew. So, I made a pot knowing that it would taste even better the day after it was made, and it did.

Beef stew with egg dumplings
1/4 cup olive or vegetable oil

Mother's drop egg dumplings
2 cups all-purpose flour

ANWR in no way a barren wasteland
In response to the letter to the editor, ANWR coastal plain should be opened (Clarion, Jan. 7), and in defense of the opinion that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge be opened to exploration, I would like to voice the concern of the environmental community. And while I am not Alaska Native, I am fully aware of the impact drilling will have on the Gwich'in people's way of life. Understanding that America is a country that is dependent on oil and its by-products, I am not condemning the idea of new oil exploration missions. I am defending what is Alaska's and America's one true, pristine wilderness. Many people have misguided ideas about what exploration on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain might entail; supporters of exploration and drilling say that drilling will not affect the coastal plain, it is a barren wasteland. Sen. Frank Murkowski's famous description of the coastal plain resembling a white piece of paper, and huge oil companies' statements on the low impact of directional drilling indicate that there is nothing sacred left in this beautiful state.

Rules should be followed, but at what cost?
It seems to me, the bottom line is that the Borough Assembly voted to spend possibly three times the amount of money needed for CES maintenance equipment because a form was not filed. Please say it isn't so! The Assembly could have saved the citizens of the Borough about $40,000, but voted not to, because of a piece of paper? I can understand rules, regulations, laws and codes and the need to enforce them, so levy a fine, and let the form be filed.

Health care reform must include single payer provision
There must be a single payer provision if one is to call the health care plan a true benefit to the American people. Anything less is likely to cause disgust, distrust, and revulsion in the general populace unlike anything witnessed in our 230 year history. Without such meaningful reform, the Democratic party will be picked apart and marginalized by the right and the left for years to come. Don't do it! Get the Kuchinich or Sanders single payer initiatives in the final bill or sign onto what will become the certain demise of the Democratic party.

Christmas drive helps many families
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals, families, organizations, and businesses that helped make our 2009 Christmas Drive a success.

Support makes tournament possible
Soldotna High School Boys Basketball would like to thank its sponsors, supporters, parents and the players for helping to make the 19th annual 2009 Powerade/Al Howard SoHi Tip Off Tournament a huge success.

Service board issue needs serious consideration
The Kenai Borough Assembly has set aside a decision for later reconsideration on whether the Mayor should appoint Service Area Board members. Excellent decision!

Morris Publishing Group to file pre-packaged bankruptcy plan
Morris Publishing Group, publisher of the Peninsula Clarion, announced Wednesday that it expects to file a prepackaged plan of reorganization by Jan. 19 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, in order to restructure its debt.

Parnell, staff visit: Residents pleased with attention from governor
Gov. Sean Parnell brought nearly everyone from his staff to Kenai, and most members of the public who came to the reception at the Kenai Visitors and Cultural Center on Monday night were pleased with attention the governor gave the area during his one-day tour.

Catching counterfeiters: Wave of phoney $20 bills hits Kenai Peninsula
Police have discovered more than 30 counterfeit $20 bills circulating in the area, and they are warning all businesses and consumers to be on the lookout.

Close call: 2 charged with intent to kill; victims escape
Two men accused of involvement in an incident when someone allegedly entered a Soldotna family's home, set a Teddy bear on fire and stole several items from the home, were arraigned on felony charges this week.

'That guy stole my mother's purse': Girl, 11, wrestles man over handbag, witnesses help
A 26-year-old man allegedly wrestled a purse away from an 11-year-old girl at Louie's Restaurant in Kenai on Friday evening. With assistance from other restaurant goers, Kenai Police arrested Daniel McCurdy and recovered many of the items in the bag.

Police search for Griglione: Football star sought on felony charges for faking robbery
Police are still searching for a former Soldotna High School football star wanted on five felony charges alleging he faked a knifepoint robbery during a prescription drug deal in Soldotna.

Clam Gulch: 1 hurt in assault; accused man commits suicide
A Clam Gulch man committed an apparent suicide on Jan. 7 after allegedly assaulting a woman with a knife, according to the Alaska State Troopers.

Patricia Lee Shadel
Hayden, Idaho, resident Patricia Lee Shadel, 87, died Friday, Jan. 8, 2010, at home with her family by her side.

Linda Kay Black
Longtime Soldotna resident Linda Kay Black died Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2010, at Heritage Place in Soldotna. She was 61.

Fred Lewis Monroe
Kasilof resident Fred Lewis Monroe died Friday, Jan. 8, 2010, at home.

Around the Peninsula

Beekeepers to meet

Around the Peninsula

Recycling group meets again

Best Friend
Jan White of Sterling said, "This is Jake. Don't know the breed. He's a mix. He was rescued as a pup. He's about 4 or 5 years old now. This picture was taken a couple of years ago. He goes ape when you turn on the hose. He tries to bite the stream of water. When it is off, he tries to start it. He is owed by my son, Chris White."

Best Friend
Gary Cutsforth of Soldotna said. "I'm sending a photo of our dog, Dawson, that was taken while walking on the beach at Captain Cook Park."

Kardinals take 2 from Panthers
Tough defense.

King takes Copper Basin 300
Jeff King won the Copper Basin 300 on Monday with a time of 50 hours, 34 minutes.

Sports Briefs

Robertia leads area at Copper Basin

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