Rules should be followed, but at what cost?

Posted: Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It seems to me, the bottom line is that the Borough Assembly voted to spend possibly three times the amount of money needed for CES maintenance equipment because a form was not filed. Please say it isn't so! The Assembly could have saved the citizens of the Borough about $40,000, but voted not to, because of a piece of paper? I can understand rules, regulations, laws and codes and the need to enforce them, so levy a fine, and let the form be filed.

And, I think, that the Borough Legal Dept should pay two-thirds of the fine for telling Mr. Chumley that he did not have a "conflict of interest." This is equipment that has already been doing the job needed, it was not risky unknown used equipment. Seems like a wise acquisition to me.

Politics has become a dirty word because people in positions of power forget about doing the right thing for the people. I fear that personal integrity is near extinction, right and wrong is on life support, and, sadly, the only goal for many people is winning.

Also, as far as rules, regulations, codes and laws, any breathing citizen could very well be in violation of something. That is why I love the Golden Rule, it is clearly understandable and you know when you are in violation.

Valorie Rosin


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