Who should serve?

Posted: Friday, January 14, 2011

The truth is our military is few in number and spread very thin. We are fighting wars in the Middle East that never seem to end. We are also using our military in South America, trying to keep drugs from coming into our country.

Most able bodied men won't join our Armed Forces. The small percentage of American men who do volunteer to serve are required to fight in the Middle East longer than they should. The military is short handed so they are required to serve longer hitches between rotations back to the United States and their families and friends.

I believe a good reason for keeping straight women and gay men and women in the military is because without them we would have even fewer people willing to serve and protect our country.

Most of my heroes are the brave men and women who protect us and our freedoms by serving in the Armed Forces.

I don't care if our soldiers are men or women, black or white, straight or gay, Christians or non-Christians. I pray for all of them. I'm very thankful for them and their sacrifice for us, our nation and our wonderful freedoms.

I believe its shameful for men, including Christian men, to allow women to serve and fight whey they don't have the courage or desire to serve our country.

Jesus said the greatest thing a person can do is lay his life down for his friends. This is what the men and women are doing when they volunteer for the Armed Forces.

Who but God knows who will be wounded or killed while serving in the Armed Forces. These brave men and women willingly take this risk to protect us, our Nation and our freedoms.

Pat O'Brien, Nikiski

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