Busy schedule just another preparation for real world

Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Returning to school from the holidays is, honestly, a drag.

Not that I don't enjoy seeing all the familiar faces, but I dread starting the year off with a list of obligations and things you just gotta do.

There is one week left in the semester, and teachers are expecting us to go out with bang -- remembering information from 10 chapters back. Practice has never been harder -- or longer. That pile of college applications sitting on my desk most likely won't fill itself out by deadline. And no matter the day of the week, someone outside the classroom is expecting me to accomplish, finish or complete a task.

But, hey, that's just part of life, right? You hear it all the time, "Life's not supposed to be fair."

This doesn't even begin to describe the multiple scholarship essays Mom keeps nagging me about, the novels that need to be read by the end of the month and the balancing act I'm trying to perform while juggling two part-time jobs.

To make the 5 1/2-hour-long school day more crazed, drama is the unit we are about to study in English. It promises to include mass amounts of public speaking, my loathed enemy. And there appears to be a grotesquely rank odor of food particles and shoes leaking from my Chevy. It's slightly an understatement to say this is a busy time of year.

Hectic schedules remind me of my first year at Kenai Central High School. I came into the year full of energy and spirit, ready to prove myself on the basketball court and show them my hard working ethic in the classroom. All that obnoxious vigor must be why they make you take physical education and swimming freshman year.

Not that the first year tends to bring on an extremely heavy load, but I was persistent in joining every club invented and taking part in all activities brought to my attention. Every day something new was introduced: student council, the Interact Club, pep assemblies and dances. I had to try all of it at least once.

That year proved to be the most difficult -- up to that point in my life, anyway.

Each year should bring on new challenges and learning adventures, but that year was a shocking awakening. Beginning new activities became addictive, and I gave in to each craving. I achieved an all-time record of participating in five after school activities at the same time.

It was definitely thrilling and unforgettable taking part in so many fun-filled and exhilarating engagements. Finishing practice just in time to rush to another rehearsal, hoping to grab a mouthful on the way and frantically scribbling in answers for next hour's homework, are just a few of the memories that stick out.

But that's underneath those fond recollections of spectacular performances, formed friendships and having a personal best offensive game of the season.

I think being involved is vital in each child's life, helping shape their personality and exposing them to all the abstract activities and interests there are out there. I'm grateful for the many experiences -- good and bad -- that I've had the chance to be a part of, simply for the sake of constantly growing and learning from each situation.

Although there are instances I pray to never encounter again, life is not about reaching a destination, but the journey you take while living it. Hopefully, in the future we will each comprehend how to respond and deal with occasions that arise.

And maybe someday, one of these days, I'll clean my car out.

Shamra Bauder is a senior at Kenai Central High School who has worked as an intern at the Peninsula Clarion.

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