Neighbors columns have lost appeal

Posted: Monday, January 16, 2006

I am writing in regards to the new format for the “ Neighbor’s Column” which, to be honest, I felt was lacking. The previous format included local “tid-bits” that had made for great reading. I know I’m not the only who felt this way. As a former contributor to the Neighbor’s Column, I was in the position of receiving a lot of direct reader feedback. I can’t count the number of times readers emailed or verbally told me that they greatly looked forward every week to the unique, off-beat “tid-bits” that I gathered. The new format effectively eliminates any local color and instead focuses only on profiling one person.

I don’t see why the Neighbor’s Column can’t do both: profile local residents and continue with the traditions of providing a sounding board for community events. Further, cutting the Neighbor’s Column back from one-and -a-half page was disappointing, and, frankly, insulting to its fans. Finally,while certainly not my utmost concern, I feel compelled to inform you that I found the staged photographs of the authors a bit canned for my taste.

Please bring back the old format.

Mavis Lancaster


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