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Posted: Friday, January 17, 2003

Shooting was unnecessary; government abuses its power

I am a Gwich'in from Interior Alaska and I am afraid of uniformed men with guns because so many indigenous people of the Americas were killed by such men in the name of "Manifest Destiny."

All existing "authority" in the United States today derives exclusively from the war powers. All people in the U.S. are now included in the "Trading With the Enemy Act" -- see "Amendatory Act of March 9, 1933 ... by any person within the United States or any place subject to the jurisdiction thereof." Chapter 1, Title 1, Section 1b. As far as I know this act has not been repealed.

So, American people have become the "enemy" of the private Federal Reserve/Interna-tional Monetary Fund, a relationship administered by the U.S. government; therefore, every person must obtain paid-for permission through licensing, as "merchants" (includes driver's license, marriage license, etc.) under color of law. We finance and allow our own subjugation, enslavement and systematic plunder, just so we can go about our daily business.

Therefore, we have no right to protest if the powers that be pepper-spray and shoot us for no good reason. We have given government officials the right to use legalized violence against us and to treat us like what we are, property of the governmental enemies thereof.

Most people in the U.S. have lived all their lives under a declared state of emergency rule, where "constitutional law" does not apply. There must always be an antithesis, the hostile savages, the communists, the terrorists, the evil ones, etc. so government can step in and act as hero to save us people by increasing state powers.

The United States of America was founded on the principle that there are higher laws than the laws of state. But since government looks to control people in the name of maintaining order, it is obvious that left unchecked, any government will oppress, abuse and violate the natural God-given rights of the people it was established to protect. It is the nature of the beast to do so.

That officer should have gotten out of the way until the situation could be more fully assessed, but then why should he?

Those officers work for a government we have allowed to take total authority over us and what we think are our possessions. Instead of rights of ownership, we now have only user-privilege. We live under a system of government-created debt-bondage.

If they want to kill this defenseless grandmother, they will have to shoot through my window because I don't trust any of them. I think someone should take their toys away.

Sharon C. Smyth, Kasilof

DFYS not held accountable; it does more to harm than good

The Division of Family and Youth Services and their high-handed method of violating both state and federal laws is never more prevalent than on the Kenai Peninsula.

I have sent a letter to the governor and the federal government about the use of threats, intimidation and coercion to keep a legal parent (father) from filing a court action for his rights to get visitation under the laws of the state. They have denied him without just cause.

I just learned that my grandson was physically abused but would not give the information to the school because the DFYS told him that they would have him removed from the mother's house and put permanently into foster care under the control of the DFYS if he complained or didn't like his mother's home.

Under Article ( I ) of the United State Constitution, the right to petition the government for redress of grievances has been violated. That means in court if necessary. Threats by DFYS should be investigated by the federal government for the violations that they have committed in the past years. They have been investigated and found wanting for over use of power.

I am very disappointed with the new commissioner of the Department of Health and Social Services, which oversees DFYs. It is noticeable that they didn't get a letter from him on this very issue.

Our children are not to be abused by the system. This department has destroyed more families than they have helped. I think this child should be given the right to counsel by an attorney to defend him from the Division of Family and Youth Services.

This past year my grandson was arrested and put into foster home care. He did not want to go to his mother's house because of the abuse at his mother's home. So they sent out the police and they abused him. They threw him on the floor; an officer put his knee in his back and handcuffed him and dragged him out of his father's house where he was seeking refuge.

He was 11 years old and very small for his age; and the officer said he feared for his own life against a small boy.

All anyone asks is that the DFYS be accountable to the people they are to serve.

Raymond P. VinZant , Soldotna

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