Big Green Eggs arrive in Alaska

Posted: Tuesday, January 18, 2005


  Glen & Debbie King of Professional Heating Sales - A fireplace store, display the legendary Big Green Egg at their store in Sterling.

Glen & Debbie King of Professional Heating Sales - A fireplace store, display the legendary Big Green Egg at their store in Sterling.

For nearly three decades owners of foreign autos have depended on Glen King at Glen's Foreign Car Repair in Sterling to keep their buggies rolling. About ten years ago Glen and Debbie King became interested in heating stoves and fireplaces and started handling the popular Monitor stove. When they moved to their new shop in Sterling at mile 89 of the Sterling Highway, the Kings added show room space for their Professional Heating Sales and started specializing in fireplaces. The stove business has done so well for the King's that they recently added on more space for the fireplace business.

Last March when the King's attended the Hearth & Home convention in Anaheim, California they saw the "Big Green Egg." I've always liked to barbeque in the summer, but this Green Egg was like nothing I'd ever seen before and is great for outdoor cooking all year round even in Alaska, said King. Glen learned that one of his fireplace distributors was also the Big Green Egg outlet, so he bought one for himself. "It's really great, I think I've cooked on it nearly every night since I got it. I did a 24 pound turkey for Christmas in just a couple of hours and it was the best ever, I do chickens for lunch that are so juicy you don't believe it, it even bakes pizza and bread," said King.

According to the manufacturer in Atlanta, Georgia, the original design is over 3,000 years old with its roots in China and Japan. In Japan the stoves are called "kamado" a generic word that can mean oven, stove, heater, or even fireplace. After World War II, Americans in Japan discovered the strange clay cooker and brought them home at a time when Americans were developing their love affair with outdoor barbequing on metal charcoal grills. However, their use was limited by existing clays and ceramics and eventually became brittle and tended to crack. In 1974 the Big Green Egg Company started as an importer of Chinese and Japanese kamados made of traditional materials. Technological advances in materials developed for the U.S. space program gave the company the opportunity to produce an improved ceramic cooker with qualities that were previously impossible. "Our company goal was to produce the best outdoor cooker ever made. Testimonials from around the world indicate that we have succeeded," says the company brochure.

Now what is toted as the "Worlds Best Smoker and Grill" is available in Alaska. The King's were so impressed with the Big Green Egg that since Christmas they have been the sole dealer for all of Alaska. King says that he really didn't expect to start selling many until summer, but that he is already making deliveries, "These things have quite a reputation, a lot of Alaskans like cooking outdoors all year long and that's what these cookers are designed to do. In the lower 48 they even have Big Green Egg societies and national conventions where families gather to party and share their favorite Big Green Egg recipes. We just may have to get that started here in Alaska too," added King. The Big Green Egg comes in a variety of sizes and prices. To see or get more information on the all new heavy duty ceramic Big Green Egg stop by the family operated Professional Heating Sales, A Fireplace Store, and home of Glen's Foreign Car Repair at mile 89 of the Sterling Highway, and ask Debbie, Wes, or Glen for a taste of their lunch, or call 262-3249.

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