Reader: Bureaucrats, guides will kill the Kenai

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Thursday, January 18, 2007

It is the federal bureaucracy and uncontrolled guide traffic that will kill the pristine quality of the Kenai River, not people like me who run their little two-stroke motors up the river a few times a year.

Phillip North’s half page attempt to make a single point to us “simple minded” people about buffer zones should give you a good indication if you were able to suffer through it. He has had 16 years with the EPA to make a positive impact and apparently has accomplished nothing.

And, in reference to bank erosion and pollution, you only have to look at the bumper to bumper guide traffic on the lower river to know who is the biggest contributor.

By the way; the 50hp rule only applies to the lower river, where it isn’t needed unless you have eight people in your boat. Keeping the feds out of the process and limiting guide usage would be a good start if the powers that be really cared about keeping the Kenai River a place for everyone to enjoy.

Mike Donohoo


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