Time to get out of Iraq

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, January 19, 2007

I think it’s best we just go ahead and get out now. I admire our military men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as elsewhere, for their courage, spirit and willingness to serve their country. I think we should leave Iraq and honor our service men and women who have served by providing them with excellent, complete, life-long health benefits, accessible health care and everything they need to continue their careers, inside or outside the military.

The money we would spend on keeping the war going can be used to grow and strengthen our military here at home on U.S. soil. Then we should turn our attention to leading the world to solve global warming, to develop alternatives to oil and wean ourselves off it, to raise the standard and quality of public education to the best public education in the world, or, at to at least a functional level, to make affordable health care available to all citizens and solve the issues we have at home, such as illegal immigration.

We need to invest in our children, not in oil. We need to invest in diplomacy, not in war. We need to increase our home security and get our own backyard in order before we embroil ourselves in world wars. We won because we took Saddam out of power. We don’t have to stabilize the country and shouldn’t think of it as losing!

It’s up to the people in the region and Middle East to stabilize themselves by choosing a worthy leader and supporting him or her.

The people must fight their own fight for them to value democracy. Democracy is not something you can just give away. Support SB 233 and HR 41. Stop GW’s megalomaniacal insanity now.

Kelly Thompson


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