Cooperation the key between trappers, others

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, January 19, 2007

I want to respond to the article in the Jan. 16 paper regarding the Kasilof dog who was killed by a snare. I agree with Mr. Lahndt that just because we live in a rural area doesn’t mean one should just let the dogs run loose. Living in a rural area does not release one from being a responsible dog owner, but we should be able to accompany our dogs out on a run or a walk and not worry about coming back with them all alive.

I have three dogs, and I walk them every day for exercise; two are off-leash sniffing in the woods, the third is a puppy in training and on a lead. I don’t want to infringe on someone’s right to make a living as they see fit, but I live out here, too. I take full responsibility for my dogs. It will be my fault if the poodle runs after someone’s truck and gets hit, but the water dog should be able to sniff at things within sight of the road or trail without getting snared.

There are parents who take their kids out hiking and — GASP — allow them to run around out in the woods. Are we expected to put our kids on leashes? Of course not, but it could have been a kid in that snare, it is that close to the road.

Trappers: Please be responsible and set your traps away from obvious traveled routes, maybe put up a sign letting people know there are traps in the area.

Dog owners and parents: Please be responsible for your animals and kids. Teach them manners and watch for signs indicating that someone is trying to make a living in the area.

We all live out in the boonies for the peace of mind, quiet and lack of the BS that proliferates in the city. A little cooperation will keep it that way.

Ethel M. Riley


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