What about eradicating the hate?

Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I listened carefully to the President's sincere plea to Americans to cease from the hurtful rhetoric and rancor of our present society and to live up to the best of who we are and what we can be. Throughout the day I heard the pleas of politicians who called for the same thing, and even the news programs were asking that we tone down or eliminate the malicious speech.

Then I changed the channel only to find the program, "Lock-Up Raw," where maniac prisoners screamed hatred and bleeped out curses and racial slurs while throwing feces and urine at the guards. Disgusted, I changed channels again only to find TNA wrestlers loudly threatening each other, followed by one man's blood splashing out on the mat while his opponent continued stomping on his face.

I clicked another channel and saw riots and video cam robberies and police chases. And again, where I saw one man beating another with a two-by-four. Throughout the day and into the night the words and the hatred and violence kept coming. But strangely, there were no guns!

Do you really think that guns are the biggest threat when most of the acts of violence and angry behavior, whether real or theatric, is committed without them? Oh, and don't get me started on the video games and Hollywood.

Anyone who thinks he has a solution to this national problem of not being able to get along needs to answer first the most basic question of all: What can be done to take the hate away? But don't ask the question if you can't stand the answer!

Be sure of one thing, however: Whatever you pour into your children will eventually show up one day.

Norm Olson, Nikiski

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