I'm sure you're a wonderful father, but your son needs some guidance

Posted: Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Dear Sir,

I met your son a day or so after Christmas. He was riding his new Ski-doo along with three of his friends. I was clearing the mess the snowmachines had made of my driveway when he pulled up to the snow berm. I asked the boys to go around the end of my driveway and enter the power line easement again at the other side of the driveway.

He nastily said "#*%# you,old man" and proceeded to show me how much power his new snowmachine has as he came at me full throttle and tore across my driveway. (To the parents

of the other three boys: Thank you, they went around.) Had I not been able to move quickly enough, I feel he would have run me over.

I met your son again and stopped him and asked that he go around the end of my driveway one more time. He said, "#*%# you! My father said these power lines are public and I can go anywhere on them I want!"

Should your son hit me, or my wife, with that snowmachine, I will notify Alaska State Troopers and I will press criminal charges.

Sir, this is a power line easement! It is not public property. The power line easement goes across my land (private property), and I don't appreciate the language of your son to a person that even to him is an obvious elder!

If you would like to clarify for yourself that even Homer Electric does not condone your son using this power line easement, please call them

at 283-5831. Then you can give your son the correct information.

I would certainly appreciate your assistance with your son's attitude, behavior and language. I think you are a responsible person trying to give your son the best you possibly can. Please teach him respect for other people and their property. As I get older, I don't need your child to continue making things more difficult for me during the winter.

Please help me with this. Thank you.

Gordon Dempsey


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