Survey from community rivers coalition doesn't factor in residency

Posted: Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Community Rivers and Planning Coalition loves to wave its "Draft Survey Results" compiled in March of 2001 in the face of all its detractors. The coalition repeatedly claims that the numbers contained within this "survey" provide the justification for all of its socialist tax and take projects.

CRPC member Al Poindexter has even claimed publicly that this mailout questionnaire

resulted in a "scientific" survey. Let us examine the truth of the matter, a concept increasingly foreign to CRPC.

According to CRPC's own numbers, 2,200 surveys were mailed. Of these, only 242 recipients responded. Of these 242 respondents, only 194 lived in Alaska six months or more. Only 105, or 4.7 percent of the total surveyed, considered Anchor Point as their primary residence, and only 91 of these were full-time Anchor Point residents.

However, CRPC includes in its final tally of each question all of those that responded to the survey, regardless of where they live. They could live in Anchor Point full or part time, or live in California or New York.

Yet, at the most only 91 full-time Anchor Pointers could have answered any question positively or negatively on the CRPC survey.

Those that are from Alaska may be from as far away as Point Barrow and may only be summertime residents. CRPC claims that this survey indicates the will of Anchor Pointers and provides the justification for its agenda.

It doesn't matter to CRPC if you live here one day or one year or not at all. It doesn't matter to CRPC's survey whether you are registered to vote here or in Texas. How bogus does it get? Don't be fooled or intimidated when CRPC cronies wave their "survey bible" in the air. It's just another lie intended to fool us all into believing that what CRPC wants is what we want.

Doug Ruzicka

Anchor Point

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