Mining will destroy lives built around salmon

Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2011

I have to voice my opinion because this is such a huge issue. My family and I eat our Alaskan wild salmon several times a week. We dip net and fish right here on the Kenai and then process several hundred pounds of fish every year.

We will be going in the wrong direction if this mining through a salmon stream issue is passed. I cannot imagine Alaska without the abundance of fish that we currently have.

There are other areas these corporations can mine in, and better locations so that we do not hurt or disturb our surroundings. And if the Department of Fish and Game recognizes Middle Creek (Stream 2003), the stream PacRim plans to remove, as important to salmon. This would set a statewide precedent: if you can mine through and completely remove this salmon stream then no salmon stream is safe. None at all will be safe. Then what? If the state allows mining through a salmon stream here, they can do it anywhere. That is what is real scary; they will destroy our land and waters and then leave. They have no love for Alaska or our natural wonders, they do not care.

I want salmon to be around for future generations and at this rate this is not going to happen. Between mining and farmed fish, where will it end? Well it won't because these corporations are so greedy, they'll never stop.

Look around the globe. There are few and far between places that have the abundant fish that we have, so how can this even be an issue? It is really truly sad that we have to fight for something that should already be protected!

Protect salmon, because they cannot protect themselves! what else are we going to eat? Please listen to what the people want.

Thank you kindly!

Lori Johnson, Soldotna

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