Jan. 11, 2002 The Petersburg Pilot says fairwell to one of its pioneers

Posted: Monday, January 21, 2002

Chris Christensen passed away just days after Christmas this year. We'll miss all the stories he shared with us about life in Petersburg and on the farm in South Dakota.

Chris had tremendous insight on the workings of the Petersburg community. Whether it was heated debates at the Sons of Norway meetings or political turmoil at city hall he could point out the humorous aspects of the situation and have a chuckle over it.

A sense of humor is important for anyone living in Petersburg as long as Chris did. Fortunately a lot of his kids have inherited his sense of humor. We are inspired by his work ethic and the fact that he devoted a lot of time to public service in all the subdivisions of this community. Be it the fisherman's union, city council or the Sons of Norway, Chris did his part and a lot more.

We'll always remember one of the funniest stories a reporter ever came back to the office with. It was the story of a pig found running through the aisles of Hammer and Wikan (variety store). It turned out Chris' daughter had bought him a pig for a Christmas present and while the kids were keeping the pig a surprise, he escaped from the back of the pickup truck and was found hot-footing it through the china department shortly before Christmas. The pig was named Arnold, even though it was female, after the hog featured on the Green Acres television show.

We still recall the family debate over the demise of Arnold when she reached the 300 lb. mark. One family member told of us the school children weeping at the bus stop (next to Arnold's pen) when Arnold was relocated to the family freezer and another exclaimed, ''She was a tasty son of a gun.''

Chris left us a great legacy and a lot of great stories to share. We'll miss him.

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