Alaskans voice opinions on war

Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2003

The question of whether the United States should go to war with Iraq is one that generates a variety of responses.

The following people shared their thoughts on this matter at the Kenai Municipal Airport and the Kenai Post Office on Friday afternoon.


Jacinda Chenault

Jacinda Chenault, a Kenai resident who works in the office of attorney Charles Winegarden: "I think Bush is doing a good job of keeping (war) from happening right now. ... I don't think it needs to be done right now. ... If there was an attack on the U.S., I would totally support (going to war). Right now it seems like we're at a standstill. But if they should attack us, I would totally support it."


Duane McIntire

Duane McIntire, a North Kenai resident who works as a quality insurance manager, said he hasn't made a decision as to whether the United States should go to war with Iraq: "A good reason would be the potential of nuclear or biological weapons. We'd have to know that (Saddam Hussein) had them. ... I think (Bush, the United States) has played their cards a little too much at this time. They should keep them a little tighter under wraps."


Ian Curphey

Ian Curphey, an Anchorage resident who works on the peninsula: "I think we should (go to war) because an individual (Saddam Hussein) like that shouldn't have weapons of mass destruction. But if we can't prove that he does have those types of weapons, I think we should just let him do his thing because eventually he'll destroy his own country without our help. I think if we're going to go in there and do it, we should go full-tilt boogie."


Brian McKay

Brian McKay, a Nikiski resident who works as a marine surveyor, said it's likely the United States will soon go to war with Iraq. He approved of going to war "depending on the justification behind it. There are political reasons for doing it that are not necessarily factual. Does (Saddam) Hussein have to go away? Yes. ... The Iraqi people are a different story. They're bystanders. We'd prefer it if the world community would (remove Hussein) but they're not likely to get a consensus. My personal preference would be for the Arabs to take him out, that way we don't get blamed. ... I'd support (going to war) under any guise. We have to support our government, no matter what the politics involved."


Bobbie Griebel

Bobbie Griebel, a Kenai resident who works as a real estate agent: "It's very likely (the United States will soon go to war with Iraq), unfortunately. It'd rather see it not happen. I think there's other avenues we need to pursue before we launch into something that could cost thousands of lives on both sides. I'd like to see more definitive proof (that Iraq has restricted weapons). I believe we ... shouldn't just launch into something without firm proof."

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