Troopers should be held accountable for shooting

Posted: Friday, January 21, 2005

Losing a child, no matter at what age, is something no parent should ever have to do. Reading what the Clarion had to say about the incident involving Casey Porter and the Alaska State Troopers, I cannot help but believe (troopers) overreacted at the scene. I lived on the peninsula for more than 20 years, and am familiar with the troopers' "over zealous" attitude when confronted or in what they consider "life-threatening" situations. They are just plain scared out of their wits and cannot handle these situations, in general. There were troopers that I personally knew and could trust, but there were also ones who were under qualified for anything but being a school crossing guard. Kristy and Art have my condolences in their loss, and best wishes for their suit. My son and Casey were friends in high school, so I do know all of them on a personal basis. I can only hope that the judicial system can see the light in this case.

Jody King

Cleveland, Texas

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