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Posted: Wednesday, January 22, 2003

The following is a brief list of scholarship opportunities for high school students. Information on these scholarships is available online or by checking with high school counselors.

The Keai Peisula Borough School District is sposorig scholarships for 2003-04 full-year tuitio waivers at the Alaska Vocatioal Techical Ceter ad Keai Peisula College. The two scholarships are ope to 2003 graduatig seiors. Applicatios are available olie at www.kpbsd.k12. or by cotactig a school couselor. Applicatios must be postmarked by March 14.

The ESA Foudatio Edowmets ad Scholarships have a umber of scholarships available. For more iformatio, visit There is a $5 processig fee of applicatios, ad all submissios are due Feb. 1.

The America Idia Graduate Ceter Scholars provides scholarships ad other assistace to ehace educatio for ative America scholars. For more iformatio, visit The applicatio deadlie is Feb. 1.

US Bak offers a $1,000 scholarship i a radom drawig. Studets i 12th grade may apply olie at by Feb. 1.

The Alaska ative Health Cosortium offers $5,000 scholarships to five full-time udergraduates ad five full-time graduate studets of Alaska ative or America Idia descet who are permaet Alaska residets. The applicatio deadlie is Feb. 7.

The Uiversity of Alaska Foudatio has privately fuded scholarships for ay studets who pla to atted the Uiversity of Alaska i the 2003-04 school year. The applicatio deadlie is Feb. 14.

The VFW Ladies Auxiliary has several cash scholarships for Alaska high school seiors. Applicatios are due Feb. 14.

The 2003 sciece project award ad poster cotest is a statewide cotest for all Alaska youths. The applicatio deadlie is Feb. 28.

The Soldota Rotary offers scholarships based o commuity service. Four $1,000 scholarships will be offered. Applicatios are due by Feb. 28.

Homer Electric Associatio will offer a umber of $2,000 scholarships to area high school seiors. The applicatio deadlie is Feb. 28.

The Society of Petroleum Egieers will award six scholarships ragig i amout from $1,500 to $2,500 to area high school seiors. The applicatio deadlie is March 1.

Applicatios are available for the Alaska Teacher Scholarship Loa Program. The deadlie is March 10.

The Elks Vocatioal-Techical Prep Grat offers three $2,000 awards to studets plaig to atted traiig ceters or two-year programs to receive liceses or permits i their chose occupatios. Applicatios are due by March 14.

The FIB Free Eterprise Scholars offer $1,000 scholarships to 12th-grade studets who have demostrated etrepreeurial spirit or iitiative. The deadlie is March 15.

The Associatio of Alaska School Boards will offer seve $1,000 scholarships to graduatig seiors. Applicats must have a grade poit average of at least 3.5. The deadlie is March 24.

The Ay Rad Essay Cotest offers scholarships as awards for wiig essays. Studets i grades ie ad 10 ca wi up to $2,000 for essays based o the ovelette, "Athem." The deadlie is March 18. Studets i grades 11 ad 12 ca wi scholarships up to $10,000 for essays based o the ovel, "The Foutaihead." The deadlie is April 15.

The Holocaust Remembrace Project offers up to $5,000 i scholarships for wiig essays from studets i grades ie through 12. The deadlie is April 30.

The Data Match atioal Scholarship Program offers scholarships for high school seiors actively ivolved i school orgaizatios such as studet coucil or atioal Hoor Society. The applicatio deadlie is May 15.

The Alaska Commissio o Postsecodary Grat Program offers $100 to $1,500 eed-based scholarships to studets who are Alaska residets. The applicatio deadlie is May 31. For more iformatio or for a applicatio, write to Director of Scholarships at Alaska Commissio o Postsecodary Educatio, 3030 Vitage Blvd., Jueau, AK 99801, or call (907) 465-2962.

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