For better or worse, U.S. doesn't need program to tout marriage benefits

Posted: Thursday, January 22, 2004

President George W. Bush ... (recently) announced a program through which the federal government will promote marriage, particularly among low-income couples.

Wonderful. Soon we'll be able to add ''Marriage Czar'' to the list of presidential appointees. And federal bureaucrats may come knocking on the doors of poor men and women to encourage them to marry and offer skills in building healthy, loving relationships. ...

There's no question about the importance of marriage, especially to the long-term welfare of children.

But good grief! There are limits to what we should expect our government to do for us. Creating a $1.5 billion program to lecture citizens on the benefits of marital bliss ought to be beyond those limits.

Once upon a time, Republicans claimed to be the party that sought limits on government size and programs, particularly when they intruded upon the private lives of individuals. Under Bush and some religious conservatives, government is becoming the nosy nanny empowered to intrude in all aspects of daily life.

The Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction, Colo.

Jan. 11

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