Military suicides a result of poor leadership

Posted: Friday, January 22, 2010

The amount of military suicides in both men and women has been increasing. Well "duh" -- the brains in Washington keeps sending the same people back into same terrifying situation time and again. Very few people have any comprehension of what it would be like to live in a country where any person you meet or get close to could be carrying a bomb to blow you up, or someone down the street has a gun pointed at your head. They may be launching missiles while you are trying to sleep and you don't know if it is aimed in your direction; I always thought the National Guard was to protect our states and borders, not be the fighting force of the United States.

In my 28 months in Japan and Korea in the early 1950s did not place me in any combat conditions. But I spent almost a month in the Navy Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan for elective surgery. In the ward I was in were two Navy patients and 76 Marines who had been wounded or had conditions requiring hospitalization. These were double deck metal bunks, not hospital beds. The Marine above me had put his helmet over a grenade and when it exploded, it tore his stomach up. He had five surgeries and his major worry was that the Military was going to kick him out of the Marines. When you have a President who knows nothing about being woke up at 3 a.m. and told to get dressed and bring your sea bag out to the grinder to stand at attention for an hour, you have nothing.

In the United States we have millions of people working 30 hour weeks and gobbling bottle after bottle of anti-depressant pills because of their nerves. At least they get to sleep at home in their own beds.

Paul D. Morrison


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