Unfortunate situation: Sewage problem bubbles to the surface in trailer park

Posted: Friday, January 22, 2010

Mike Lewis's trailer was sitting atop a pile of human waste. He and his family discovered that the hard way.

Photos By M. Scott Moon
Photos By M. Scott Moon
Mike Lewis gestures toward a neighbor's home while describing the sewage problem he is having beneath his residence in Highland Pride trailer court. "My house is sitting on a pile of feces," he said while waiting for a contractor to pull the home to a different lot.

The smell that lingered every so often could have been a warning. But now the Lewises want to warn all their Highland Pride Trailer Park neighbors that disaster could be gurgling below their feet.

On Sunday morning, Lewis's problem rushed to the surface.

"It came up into my toilet. It came up underneath and out of my ring. I cut a hole in my floor to get it out of my house," Lewis explained. "The plumbers came and knocked my pipe off. When they came to the home, it spewed out."

Now the Lewises are displaced, while Beluga Realty, the company that manages the park, hires a contractor to dig into the earth and uncover the source of the problem. Lewis believes it could be a park-wide plumbing issue, but that won't be determined until after Beluga investigates the situation.

"I think there's some sort of clog in the line, or a broken line," Beluga owner Kay Huff said. "Until we see what the real problem is, we can't be sure. We're trying to figure it out."

Lewis had nothing but appreciative words for Beluga Realty because he said the company has been extremely helpful during a pretty crappy ordeal. Beluga has put the Lewises up in an inn and has offered to move the Lewises' trailer to another spot in the park.

Lewis spent Thursday helping some workers prep the trailer so that it can be moved. The trailer has to be winterized, outfitted with tires and dragged from its current spot. Once it's moved, the digging can begin.

"No matter what, I'm displaced for days. It could be a couple of weeks easy," Lewis explained Thursday, the ground below his trailer already beginning to re-saturate with septic backup.

Lewis is not sure how long the whole process will take, but he does know one thing:

"I am not parking and warming my house back up over a pile of feces."

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