Letters to the Editor

Posted: Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Leases for agricultural land should not be renewed

A recent Clarion story concerned the efforts of individuals who had long term leases on agricultural land from the state. The Kenai Borough acquired the land. The leases are expiring, and the borough so far has not renewed the leases.

I urge our borough mayor and assembly persons not to renew the leases.

The leaseholders could have petitioned the state to acquire fee simple title before the borough made its selections. It would have likely been handled just as the petition of the elk farmer on Echo Lake Road. The state put a fair market value on the desired land and put it up for bid. The petitioner was given the right to match the highest offer and thus get title to the land.

The borough has little enough land for disposal. Renewing the leases compounds the problem. Making an opportunity to buy the land available to all borough residents is in the best interest of the borough and its citizens.

William J. Phillips -


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