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Posted: Tuesday, January 24, 2006

In the last election, Borough Mayor John Williams ran as a nonpartisan candidate.

In recent days he has shown to be a liberal politician who wants to increase the scope and size of borough government by increasing taxes and fees. He also wants to decrease the influence of reborn Christians in our government.

Mayor Williams has indicated he wants to join forces with liberal Anchorage Mayor Begich who has angered residents by increasing real estate taxes immensely. Begich is endorsing the Democratic party plan of Berkowitz and Croft that would take one-half of Alaska PFD checks to pay for local governments. Can your family afford this every year? Mayor Williams apparently thinks the Republican plan of 30 to 40 million for The Hess Fund is not enough.

The borough has more and higher taxes than almost all of the areas of Alaska. The study of economic history has taught us governments in areas of high taxes and fees tend to get bloated and inefficient, resulting in small business closing their doors, job losses, bankruptcies, businesses leaving for lower tax areas, resulting in loss of revenues for services and schools. Several local ballot measures and opinion polls have shown most people don’t want more taxes or to give up their PFD checks to politicians.

In a Nov. 25 Clarion interview, Mayor Williams seemed to attack reborn Christians and their influence in state government when he said, “The Legislature may be ready to swing from the far right.”

Reborn Christians (the far right) voted for Republicans at a rate of 85 percent, according to Barna polling with some undecided. They make up about half of the Republican vote.

Reborn Christians indwelled by the Holy Spirit are saved by God’s grace through faith, by having a true and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, by accepting him as their Lord and savior and by confessing and repenting their sins. In the Gospel of John the Lord says unless you are born again you will not enter heaven.

You may want to hang on to your wallet and join the local Alliance of Concerned Taxpayers.

Donald Szepanski


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