Bad wagering all around

Posted: Monday, January 24, 2011

At a point earlier in life someone taught me the finer points of playing poker. I never played well, but an analogy I hear now and then reminds me of that teaching: Don't bet on the come! That means if you don't have a good hand then drop and wait for one, don't pour more good money after bad hoping the next unseen cards will give you a winner.

Let's see, $500 million out of Alaskan's pockets to subsidize a gas pipeline with no guarantees -- seems like betting on the come to me.

Let's see further, extension of the Bush tax breaks for the mega rich in hopes they will rejuvenate the job market with their extra money, even though the unemployment rate reached present day record highs during times the tax cuts already existed -- seems like betting on the come to me.

And finally, let's see, giving the oil companies a billion-dollar tax break without any commitments on their part? Betting on the come? You decide.

As far as Alaska goes, its gas and oil belong to all Alaskans. Elected officials only have the responsibility to manage resources on our behalf. A critical part of that entails fiduciary responsibility.

Dean Hill, Sterling

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