Reprint: Publisher recalls 2008 Alaska tide books

Posted: Friday, January 25, 2008

Due to a formatting error in the 2008 tide books produced by Alaska Tide Book Company in Soldotna, the company has recalled all three editions of the book.

Publisher Jerry A. Thompson said that he was originally planning on printing an insert, but recently decided to reprint the entire book.

"We had everybody's approval on the inserts and late Friday night we got word from one customer who wanted a reprint," Thompson said. "We said, 'It's gotta be one or the other.' We could have taken two different approaches but we ultimately ended up with this."

Thompson attributed the error to a compatibility issue between scripting and newly-installed software. The numbers in the tide times are correct, but there is an error in the typeface on the days with three a.m. tides or three p.m. tides. On those days, the software program did not place the third tide in the correct typeface, which indicates whether the tide occurs before or after noon.

The error occurred in less than one percent of the Southcentral version of the book, but Thompson is asking that all tide books get recycled or destroyed. New books will be clearly marked as new editions to eliminate confusion.

The books are distributed to about 100 stores throughout Alaska and are free to the public.

"These books have been free and we try to get them done as inexpensively as possible so this is a big hit for us," Thompson said. "It is a major hurdle to overcome, but you've got to do what you've got to do."

Thomson hopes that new versions of the books will be in stores within the next four to six weeks.

"The book is one of the last free things in life that we can get and that people rely on up here," he said. "We think it's an important thing for people to get and be able to rely on it. We're having to step up and do what's right, but we're able to do it so we're fortunate for that."

The corrections can be found at by clicking "Important Notice Regarding 2008 Tide Books" and selecting the appropriate region. The corrections can be printed in both black and white and color.

"We've done this reliably for 20 years without a hiccup and we're going to try to keep it that way," Thompson said. "It's a major setback but it's nothing that we can't survive."

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