Say what? Curling lingo explained

Posted: Thursday, January 26, 2006

Want to cheer on the athletes in their own curling language? Here’s some curling lingo that might help.

Biter — A stone barely touching the 12-foot ring.

Blank end — Neither team scores in the end.

Bonspiel — A curling tournament.

Burned stone — A stone touched while in motion.

Button — The smallest ring in the house. It is two feet in diameter; it’s also called the “pot.”

CCA — Canadian Curling Association

Delivery — The process of throwing a stone.

Draw — A shot that comes to rest within the house.

Eight end — An end where all eight stones are counting.

End — When 16 stones have come to rest, similar to an inning in baseball.

Freeze — A stone coming to rest touching another stone.

Guard — A shot that comes to rest in front of another stone for protection.

Hack — The pieces of rubber you push off from at either end of the sheet.

Hammer — The last shot of the end.

Hogger — A shot that comes to rest short or on the hog line and is removed from play.

Hog line — The thick black line 33 feet from the hack.

House — The area within the outside circle at either end of the sheet.

Hurry! — This means to sweep immediately.

In-turn — A stone rotates clockwise for a right-handed player.

Out-turn — A stone that rotates counter-clockwise for a right-handed player.

Pebble — The frozen bumps on the ice that the stones ride on.

Peel — A hard takeout designed to remove guards.

Rink — A curling team.

Sheet — The total playing area for one game.

Skip — The captain of the team.

Spinner — A rock thrown with excessive spin.

Steal — Scoring a point without last rock advantage.

Take-out — A shot thrown hard enough to remove another stone from play. Also called a “hit.”

Tee line — The line that intersects the house at the center line.

The “toss” — The toss of the coin to determine last rock in the first end.

“Hit the broom” or “on the broom” — A rock thrown accurately at the aiming point.

“Lost its handle” — A rock that loses its rotation.

“Nice rock” or “nice toss” — Good shot.

Tee weight — A rock thrown far enough to stop on the tee line.

Back ring weight — A rock thrown hard enough to stop in the back of the house.

Draw the “lid” or “pin” — Draw to the button.

Hack weight — A rock thrown hard enough to stop near the hack.

Normal hit — A rock thrown hard enough to remove another rock from play.

Heavy hit — A rock thrown hard enough to forcefully remove a rock from play.

“Split ‘em” — Hitting a rock at such an angle as to split them apart.

“You dumped it” or “you flipped it” — A rock thrown inside the line of delivery, usually at the point of release.

“Take the rock” — Sweep closest to the rock.

“The rock picked” — The moving rock picked up a piece of debris that altered its course.

“Weld” — A perfect freeze.

Source: U.S. Curling Association

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