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Posted: Monday, January 27, 2003

Board of Game supports wildlife management, not preservation

In his Jan. 20 opinion article, Paul Joslin once again manages to spout the same old diatribe concerning wildlife viewing versus hunting and trapping. Mr. Joslin maintains the philosophy that if he ignores the truth and twists the facts enough times, his garbage becomes believable to multitudes of well meaning but ignorant wildlife lovers.

He has continually stated that 75 percent of Alaskans eligible to own hunting licenses don't bother to get one, which he equates to non-hunting. What he doesn't mention is that the 25 percent of Alaskans that do own hunting licenses feed a large portion of the remaining 75 percent of the population.

In this state one hunting license will feed at least one family which can have more than 10 members in it. If you do the math, that only leaves a small but vocal group of anti-hunting advocates trying to mismanage wildlife by emotion.

Mr. Joslin calls himself a "conservation biologist," when in reality he has sold himself to the anti-hunting factions as a "preservation biologist" where he has either ignored or didn't bother to learn the basic principles of wildlife management. Promoting the preservation of one species over another in lieu of sustained yield doesn't benefit wildlife, consumptive users or nonconsumptive users and has nothing to do with wildlife "conservation."

The individuals named on the Board of Game all adhere to the philosophy of sustained yield. They believe in true "conservation," not "preservation," which is in direct contrast to Mr. Joslin and the anti-hunting/trapping advocates that pay him to be their mouth piece.

Keith Phillips, Kenai

Coalition wants to control policy for lower peninsula watersheds

It's a done deal. The money's been paid and the contract has been signed, and you or I didn't even know about it until it was over. Demonstrating that they are quickly becoming masters of deception and maneuver, the Community Rivers and Planning Coalition, with the cooperation of Chris Degernes and Jack Blackwell, their friends and allies in the state parks office, has succeeded in securing a foothold in the Anchor River park system with their environmental education program.

A total of $5,200 of user fee money collected at the Anchor Point boat launch has been diverted from the state's general fund to CRPC, with 30 percent of this money funding the coalition's environmental education program and $1,000 going for "administrative" costs.

The real fear, however, lies not with the content of the program, but with the CRPC's publically stated desire to privately manage the Anchor River park. This environmental education program is only the first step.

When you consider the CRPC's requests for grant monies to fund a septic system study in the area as well as supporting a grant request for $1 million for an Anchor River valley watershed study, one begins to see the pieces of the puzzle coming together. Thus is revealed the true agenda of these people: control of the environmental policy for the Anchor River, Stariski Creek and Happy Valley watersheds.

Doug Ruzicka, Anchor Point

Writer takes blame for bad information about committee

I am writing this letter to the editor of the Peninsula Clarion in regards to recent comments made by Les Palmer concerning the Kenai-Soldotna Fish and Game Advisory Committee:

There is only one individual responsible for the recent comments in the Peninsula Clarion concerning the make-up of the advisory committee and that individual is myself. I attended the election in Ninilchik and left that meeting full of anger and frustration. I vented this frustration to Mr. Palmer and in doing so I exaggerated the facts concerning the user group make-up of this committee. Mr. Palmer did nothing wrong here as he only printed information that I provided.

I apologize to those members of the central peninsula advisory committee who are not commercial fishermen and to the members of this committee who are commercial fishermen for the untruths that I communicated to Mr. Palmer. I also apologize to Mr. Palmer for giving him bad info concerning this matter.

Tim Evers , Ninilchik

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