Should sick day policy be of concern?

Posted: Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I was listening to the Assembly meeting last night and heard the nurse talk about the policy at the hospital where workers are coming in sick. Today I had to go collect my daughter from school because she had developed a fever. I was thinking about the nurses who need their jobs. What if their children are sick so they have to call in? Then suppose the nurse catches it or on another occasion slips and breaks a leg? It doesn't take long for sick days to pile up, and it's no one's fault. In this time of economic uncertainty, no one should have to choose between going to work sick or being fired. I would imagine such decisions place great stress on the hospital workers.

This school year I received countless notes declaring that if children are experiencing symptoms as mild as a runny nose, to have them stay home. And it was on the School District web site that if teachers were feeling under the weather they should stay home. If this is the policy of the KPBSD, how much more should health care workers be encouraged to stay home if they are ill? People go to the hospital to get better. They shouldn't need to worry if their nurse is sick.

Thankfully, I don't often need to utilize the hospital. But on the rare occasions when I do, I expect the people serving me to be healthy. I do not believe that SPH in Homer has such a strict policy as CPH.

Tamara Holschen

Anchor Point

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